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Secure Pick Up for Off-site Shredding

  1. 1. Our background checked drivers pick up your materials
  2. 2. Documents are placed in secure containers or the storage boxes are picked up
  3. 3. The materials to be destroyed are always locked or under observation by our staff
  4. 4. The containers are unloaded in our secure facility by background checked operators
  5. 5. All materials are destroyed on our high capacity equipment
  6. 6. The shredded paper is mixed and compacted into 1,000 lb bales for recycling

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Business/Residential One-Time Pick Up

How Much Do You Have To Be Destroyed?

1–10 30 lb Boxes/Bags – Save money by dropping them off at our warehouse facility

10 or more 30 lb Boxes/Bags – Increased convenience by using our mobile shredding service

Would you like to consider electronic recycling in conjunction with your paper shredding event?