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Destroying and disposing computers responsibly

Data contained on hard drives can be of critical importance. They contain much more information than a standard bankers box. Information can include thousand of clients or important customer records. Proper destruction of hard drives from old or outdated computers is a vital concern for virtually every business.

We shred your hard drives to securely destroy all materials and recycle the scrap metal.

We also shred & recycle other types of media, like floppys, tapes and CDs, please read more about our other services.

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Our five step process for hard drive destruction:

  1. 1. Technician scans every hard drive serial number at the customer location in order to provide a clear chain of custody
  2. 2. Hard drives are transported to our NAID AAA certified secure facility for off-site destruction OR shredded on-site by our specialized hard drive shredding equipment
  3. 3. The entire hard drive is physically destroyed by shredding to unrecoverable pieces
  4. 4. A Certificate of Destruction is issued which includes the serial numbers and the date of destruction
  5. 5. The shredded hard drives are recycled for their metal content

Would you like to consider electronic recycling in conjunction with your paper shredding event?