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Cost Effectiveness

Out-sourced shredding is more cost effective than in-house shredding. If your people are shredding for as little as a combined two hours per month, it is likely that hiring a professional document destruction company will be a less expensive alternative. If you are shredding less than two hours per month, you may want to consider storing the paper and having the paper shredded once per year by a professional document destruction company.

Why You Save Money with Professional Shredding

  • You don’t have to pay your employees to shred the paper
  • You don’t have to purchase and maintain your own shredding equipment
  • You don’t have to remove paper clips and staples
  • You don’t have to pay for the cost of disposal of the paper
  • You have no cleanup

Direct Cost of Shredding Internally

2,000 sheets divided by 15 sheets per minute is 2 hours 15 minutes. If the shredding person makes as little as $8 per hour plus 25% for taxes and benefits, that means the direct cost of internally shredding 2,000 pages is $22.22 per month.

When you add in the cost of the in-house shredder, disposal of bags of paper, dust clean up and disruptions from noise, you are better off using a professional, bonded document destruction company.

Not only are we the secure choice, we’re also the cost effective solution.

When you take your in-house shred time and add the cost of equipment, staff, maintenance, and clean up, you pay more and your materials are less secure.

Your internal personnel should not be responsible for document destruction. Payroll data, personnel records, and materials that involve labor relations or legal affairs should not be entrusted to entry level employees for destruction.

Would you like to consider electronic recycling in conjunction with your paper shredding event?