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Five Star Rating and
NAID BBB Recycle


  • All employees background checked at hire and random
  • All employees drug/alcohol tested at hire and random
  • All employees given Access Training and Tests upon hire and random
  • All employees must sign Employee Confidentiality Agreements
  • All visitors to our warehouse must be escorted
  • 24/7 video surveillance of warehouse
  • Alarmed warehouse
  • All security containers are locked at all times
  • All vehicles are locked at all times
  • All shredded documents baled in secure warehouse
  • All shredded documents ship directly to pulping mills

NAID AAA Certified (Earned Annually)

  • NAID is a non-profit “watch dog” association
  • NAID’s mission is “to promote the proper destruction of discarded personal and proprietary information through standards, enforcement and education.”
  • NAID conducts independent announced and unannounced audits
  • Audits include 39 critical areas, including everything from shred size to employee background checks.


Unlike most shredding companies, XpresShred, bales your shredded paper, in our secure warehouse, before directly shipping it to pulping mills.  This eliminates the exposure of your shredded documents being baled at noncertified third party recycling centers.


Our security is measured by the effectiveness of our process.

  • Documents leave your business/residence in locked rolling carts or in your boxes
  • Documents are escorted at all times
  • Documents are shredded on a mobile shred truck before we leave your location or,
  • Documents are transported in a locked collection truck to our secure facility for shredding
  • A Certificate of Destruction is issued for your audit trail
  • Shredded material is baled in our secure warehouse
  • Baled material is shipped directly to pulping mills

XpresShred can help you develop a detailed document, which can be used to satisfy the FACTA Act Document Disposal Rule, which requires your company to take reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to or use of information.

Would you like to consider electronic recycling in conjunction with your paper shredding event?