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Archived X-Ray Destruction for Greater Denver


XpresShred has been buying archived X-Rays for the last 5 to 6 years. XpresShred utilizes the secure handling methods that we use for our core document destruction business. X-Rays are picked up at our customer’s locations throughout Colorado and our bordering states, in our secured vehicles. We sort the X-Rays according to their silver content at our secure shredding facility in Denver, CO.   From our secure facility, the x-rays are transported directly to our refiner, Commodity Resources & Environmental. CRE is the largest scrap metal refiner in the Western United States and is R2 and ISO 14001 certified. As a scrap metal dealer, CRE also buys and recycles our scrap hard drives.

As a leading shredding company in Denver, XpresShred is in the unique position of not just buying archived x-rays, but we can also shred charts and jackets in our secure facility. We typically do this at no charge for our archived x-ray clients.

XpresShred receives calls from medical practices throughout Colorado and our bordering states which include but are not limited to New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming. From speaking with our clients or prospects, we have often learned that there is a preponderance of dealers based in Florida and Texas….and they are typically “too good to be true.” Many customers and clients have been left without payment.

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